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The use of standardized working papers (for example  checklists, specimen letters) may improve the efficiency with which such working papers are prepared and reviewed. Give five examples each of standardized checklists and specimen  letters. Checklists 1. Financial statement disclosure checklist, issued by ICAP setting out disclosure requirements in accordance with International Accounting Standards, Companies Ordinance, 1984 and technical releases issued by…

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Current audit files contain working papers relating to a single accounting period. Usual contents of current audit file are: • Audit planning documentation. • Evidence of inherent and control risk assessment. • Audit programme. • Post closing trial balance. • Final adjusting entries. • Documentation relating to finalization and completion of audit. • Planning and time…

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Documentation refers to working papers kept by the auditor as regards audit planning, procedures performed, information and explanations obtained from client and the conclusions drawn from the work performed. OBJECTIVES / IMPORTANCE OF DOCUMENTATION a) Assist in planning and performance of audit Preparation of audit programme and performance of procedures accordance with audit programme assist in planning performance of audit.…

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